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Thank You Gerry.

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“Two years ago, when my lovely Mum (Anne) died I knew of only one person who would be perfect to help our family remember and celebrate her life at her funeral...Gerry. I have known Gerry for over 20 years both as a work colleague and friend, he is a true gentleman. He is one of the kindest, most compassionate, and warm-hearted men I have ever met. Gerry met us to discuss the funeral service and immediately connected with my dad in such a gentle supportive way and they even ended up talking about the football both being avid supporters! He listened to Dad & me talk about how Mum had planned almost all of her funeral and laughed with us when we explained she didn’t want it to be religious yet wanted the hymn; ‘All things bright & beautiful’. We were so fortunate that before Mum died, she had been clear about her wishes and Gerry truly respected this throughout.

I wrote a brief history of Mum’s life, her family, friends, work and hobbies which Gerry read at the funeral but he also added his own comforting words about nature, the end of life and ways of remembering loved ones. He hit just the right note and I know my Mum would have been pleased her plans were followed so carefully. One of my longstanding friends told me afterwards that it was the most uplifting funeral she had ever been to. Gerry was there for us all the way, standing beside me as I read a poem Mum requested, just in case I couldn’t get through it, and I was so grateful to him.

My Dad’s comments to Gerry at the end of the funeral sum up how we all felt about Gerry as a celebrant..... “Gerry you are such a kind man; you did Anne proud, and I want you to do my funeral when the time comes”. “

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