When my elderly friend died.

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When my elderly friend died.

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When my elderly friend died, I was the one to arrange her funeral. All her family were abroad. Anna had a very small friendship group; she had been very much in love with her husband and left her homeland to marry. They had had a very happy marriage not needing a lot of others in their life.The thought of a stranger performing her funeral to a small group of people filled me with sadness. I knew Gerry through work, we hadn't met for some time, but I knew he would be able to give Anna a fitting 'sendoff'. Fortunately, Gerry agreed to lead the funeral. There was a small group of neighbours and friends. Gerry managed to include us all in the service by taking the time to find out about Anna's life prior to the service. Anna was brought up in a religious family and Gerry managed to incorporate this element of her life into the service. He even researched a poem in her native language to share. Anna's garden was important to get so he asked me to pick flowers from her garden so as we left we could all place one of her flowers on her coffin. Gerry provided a very personal and appropriate goodbye to a very dear friend. Thank you, Gerry.

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